BC1037 Customized table lamp

【Portable LED Table Lamp】: Portable LED table lamp with 4000mah battery, just a simple plug, you can enjoy lighting anytime and anywhere. A full charge lasts 15-20 hours, and the wireless design allows you to move wherever you want, no longer tethered to the power cord.
【Touch Stepless Dimming Mode】: The lighting effect of the charging lamp is very good. experience the convenience of our bedroom touch lights, allowing you to easily adjust brightness and color temperature with a simple touch of the top. Whether dining, reading or working, this lamp provides the most suitable light.
【High Quality Metal Material】: The bedside lamp is made of high quality metal material, which not only has a beautiful appearance but also ensures its durability and stability. In addition, this lamp has many practical functions. It can be used not only as a lighting tool, but also as an ornament. Its design is simple and generous, and can be integrated into a variety of home styles.
【Eye Protection Desk Lamp】: Portable LED lamp with high quality LED lamp beads, all angles of uniform lighting brightness, no stroboscopic, very friendly to the human eye, no matter day and night can use our wireless desk lamp, no worries.
【Multiple Use Scenarios】: Whether it is for family and friends or for your own use, it is a very good gift. If you are looking for a portable LED table lamp for the dining room, bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc., then this product is definitely worth your consideration. It is not only powerful, but also beautiful to look at, adding a bright touch to your life.