Tumbler decor table lamp

This lamp is made using the principle of light upper body and heavy lower base, no matter how it is shaken, it remains upright,just like a toy that does not fall down.

Built-in 5200mAh battery that can be charged with a USB cable (included). Charging time: around 7-8 hours, Use time: more than 8-9 hours (max brightness). We can move the night light in complete comfort without having to worry about cables or changing batteries.

The night light has 3 different colors, we can choose any of them according to our preference, In night light mode, we can control the intensity of the warm white light by simply pressing and holding the upper button.

The round shape design makes lights soft, uniform and non-flickering. Perfect to place in a kid’s room or those who like to sleep in the light. The intensity of the warm white light can be adjusted so that it glows according to our wishes without being annoying to fall asleep. A compact and well-finished finish, with no sharp corners or edges that could cause damage, we could even put it on the bed!

Material: Aluminium+PC

Battery capacity: 5200mA

Size;D120 x H 190mm

Voltage:DC 5V


CCT:2700K+4000K +5500K